Retro, traditional and colour themed sweets:

For 40 to 80 guests
From £3.00 per head

For 81 to 100 guests
From £2.70 per head

For 100+ guests
From £2.40 per head

Optional professional attendant charged at £18 per hour.

Luxury sweets such as chocolates, toffees and fudges are available on request.


All prices are inclusive of VAT


Our standard sized sweet table measures 4ft x 2.5ft or 4ft round and comes complete with a quality full-length, white linen style tablecloth.

Included in the price:

  • 10 to 15 different varieties of sweets
  • A range of glass jars, bowls and martini glasses
  • Silver sweet scoops and tongs
  • Handmade labels (colour choice)
  • Organza pouches (colour choice) or candy-striped bags
  • Co-ordinated table decorations (on request)